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Welcome to the David Sugarman Scholarship for Entrepreneurs! We are a dedicated team of individuals passionate about supporting and empowering aspiring entrepreneurs in their pursuit of success.

Founded by David Sugarman, a successful entrepreneur himself, our scholarship aims to provide financial assistance to deserving individuals who demonstrate exceptional entrepreneurial potential. With a vision to inspire and encourage the next generation of business leaders, we believe in the power of entrepreneurship to drive innovation, create opportunities, and make a positive impact on society.

David Sugarman, with years of experience in the business world, understands the challenges and hurdles that entrepreneurs face on their journey. Through this scholarship, he strives to give back and support individuals who possess the drive, passion, and vision to bring their entrepreneurial dreams to life.

With our scholarship program, we aim to not only provide financial assistance but also foster a community of like-minded individuals who share a passion for entrepreneurship. By offering this opportunity, we hope to ignite the spark of innovation, encourage networking, and provide valuable resources to help our scholarship recipients flourish in their entrepreneurial endeavors.

We are committed to transparency, fairness, and equal opportunity. Our selection process is rigorous, unbiased, and carried out by a panel of esteemed judges with expertise in entrepreneurship and business. We value diversity and welcome applicants from all backgrounds, recognizing the strength that different experiences and perspectives bring to the entrepreneurial journey.

Thank you for visiting our website and learning more about the David Sugarman Scholarship for Entrepreneurs. We invite you to explore our scholarship opportunities, eligibility criteria, and application process. Join us in shaping the future of entrepreneurship and turning dreams into reality.

If you have any questions or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help and support you on your path to entrepreneurial success.

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The David Sugarman Scholarship for Entrepreneurs Team

Professional Credentials


  • Entrepreneurship: David Sugarman is a seasoned entrepreneur with a track record of successfully starting, growing, and managing businesses. His firsthand experience in building companies gives him valuable insights into the challenges and opportunities faced by aspiring entrepreneurs.


  • Business Strategy: With a deep understanding of business strategy, David Sugarman has honed his skills in identifying market trends, developing competitive advantages, and creating sustainable business models. His expertise in strategic planning is instrumental in guiding scholarship recipients on their entrepreneurial journey.


  • Mentorship: David’s passion for mentoring and supporting aspiring entrepreneurs is evident in his commitment to providing guidance and advice. He brings his experience and knowledge to offer mentorship opportunities to scholarship recipients, helping them navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship and avoid common pitfalls.

More About Mr. David Sugarman

  • Leadership: As a leader in multiple successful ventures, David Sugarman has honed his leadership skills and understands the importance of effective leadership in entrepreneurial endeavors. He provides valuable insights and practical guidance to scholarship recipients on developing their leadership capabilities.
  • Innovation: David recognizes the power of innovation as a driver of success in entrepreneurship. His experience in fostering innovation and thinking outside the box enables scholarship recipients to explore new ideas, embrace creativity, and find unique solutions to business challenges.
  • Networking: Building a strong network is crucial for entrepreneurs, and David Sugarman understands the value of connections and collaboration. He leverages his own network to provide networking opportunities for scholarship recipients, enabling them to connect with industry professionals, potential mentors, and fellow entrepreneurs.
  • Financial Management: Effective financial management is a key aspect of entrepreneurship, and David’s experience in managing finances and investment strategies equips scholarship recipients with essential skills to make informed financial decisions for their businesses.

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We are committed to supporting aspiring entrepreneurs who share our passion for entrepreneurship and innovation. Through our scholarship program, we offer financial support, mentorship opportunities, networking events, and workshops to help future business leaders succeed.

At David Sugarman Scholarship for Entrepreneurs, we value community, diversity, and collaboration. We believe in building a supportive network of entrepreneurs who share knowledge, experience, and resources. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs thrive and succeed.


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